SCIMORES Corporation will be operating under a venture capital and private equity model focusing on premium projects in the area of Architectures, Recreation and Hotels, Industry of Fashion, Education, and other engineering sectors.

The SCIMORES core comprise individuals who share the same passion – to realize, learn and excel, with unparalleled commitment to ourselves, our clients and our associates. Our forte is our quality and creativity, and that that leaves us is nothing but the best. Yes! SCIMORES is built upon this spirit. We have a vision – Our goals are defined – Our strategies remain scrutinized and in sync – and we stand balanced.

We take great care in recruiting our work force to deliver our services effectively and efficiently. It is assured that they are fully qualified in their respective areas of expertise in terms of education and experience. Our regular assessment, training and educational programs keep our employees abreast with emerging technologies and demands, and keep them clearly ahead of their race. And our excellent benefits and policies see us secured.

We assure you, your business with us will be pleasant and successful. It is our desire and our commitment.